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Growing moss

Landscape Design Software
Using 3-D landscape design software to explore the possibilities of re-designing your landscape.

Landscaping America

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Identifying and treating specific lawn problems for America's homeowners

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Design, construction and implementation of your landscape plan
Design and construction overview for improving a landscape

10 tips for a perfect personal landscape
Steps to consider when improving your garden landscape

Developing a plot plan for your landscape
Steps in developing a property plot plan

Site Analysis for Developing a Landscape Plan
How to conduct a landscape site analysis

Assessing family needs
Landscape design and family use areas

Developing Special Use Areas
Developing special use areas in your landscape plan

Common construction materials for landscape construction
Basic hardscape construction materials for a landscape installation

Do-it-yourself landscape design
Overview of basic landscape design principles


Landscape lighting ideas
Landscape lighting ideas for your home and garden areas

Outdoor lighting tips
Tips for better landscape lighting installations

Low voltage landscape lighting
Low voltage landscape lighting

Solar powered lighting
Solar powered landscape lighting

Solar Powered Fountains


Shrubs for the landscape
Using ornamental shrubs and trees in your home landscape garden.

Boxwoods (Buxus)
Growing boxwoods in the home garden.



Lilacs (Syringa vulgaris)

Pinus Mugo

Pussy willows
Pussy willow shrubbery

Rhododendron / Azaleas
Growing, planting and purchasing rhododenrons in the home garden.

Rose of Sharon
Growing rose of sharon in your home garden landscape.



Landscape trees
Tips for buying a new tree for your landscape.

Tree planting tips

American Landscape Arborvitae Trees

Canadian hemlock
Growing Canadian hemlocks.

Eastern White Pine

Norway Spruce

Red Maple Tree
Description and characteristics of Red Maple, acer rubrum, tree.

Serviceberry Tree

Amur Maple Tree
Traits of the Amur Maple deciduous tree.

Red Maple

Upright Junipers
Growth habits of upright junipers.

Washington Hawthorne

American Holly Tree

Eastern Redbud

American Smoketree (cotinus obovatus)
American Smoketree is a showy fall spectacular.

Black gum tree (nyssa sylvatica)
Information about the Black Gum landscape tree.

Sassafras Tree (sassafras albidum)
Information about Sassafras trees and how best to grow them in the local landscape.

Sourwood (oxydendrum arboreum)

White Ash Tree
White ash trees in the home garden and landscape.

Emerald Ash Borer

Flowering Crabapple Tree
Care for Flowering Crabapples

White Oak
Descriptive characteristics of White Oak trees.

Tree benefits
Trees offer many benefits for the homeowner and our environment.

Small garden trees
Trees suitable for small gardens should be 4 season trees.

Apple Scab
Infectious diseases common to apple trees in North America

Emerald Ash Borer

State Flower, Trees and Birds
Identifying the state flower, bird and tree.

Financial Loss of Damaged Landscape Trees

Choosing landscape trees.

Tree Transplanting

Fertilizing Trees
Tips for proper tree fertilization

6 Essentials for Healthy Trees

Organic Tree Stump Removal

American Elm

American Liberty Elm

Bur Oak

Japanese Flowering Crab Apple

Sargent Crabapple

Siberian Crab Apple

Tea Crab Apple

Zumi Crabapple

Crabapple Question & Answers

Bald Cypress

Arizona Cypress

Leyland Cypress

Eastern Redcedar

Balsam Fir

Canaan Fir

Douglas Fir

Fraser Fir

Grand Fir

Noble Fir

White Fir

Austrian Pines

Scotch Pine

Virginia Pine

Blue Spruce

White Spruce

American Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree Care

Christmas Tree History

Mauget Injections


Xeriscaping in the landscape
Xeriscaping overview

Creating a personal landscape that utilizes water conservation techniques and plants

Xeriscape plant selection
Making the right plant selections in a xeriscape.

Fire wise landscaping and building tips
Improving your home and landscape to better resist wildfires.

Alternative lawns and xeriscaping
Alternatives to grass in water restricted areas

Artifical lawns
Identifying and treating specific lawn problems for America's homeowners

SYNLawn Artificial Grass
Artificial Lawns

Alternative ground covers
Alternative ground covers to replace lawns

Ornamental Grasses
Ornamental grasses to create focal points in the landscape

Rock Gardening
Planning a rock garden

Tips for living in Arizona
Identifying and treating specific lawn problems for America's homeowners

Creating a personal landscape that utilizes water conservation techniques and plants

Alternative lawns and xeriscaping
Alternatives to lawns


Raising honey bees

Honey Bees in the Garden
Honey bees in the garden.

Killer Bees


Attracting birds to your landscape.

Deciduous plants ideal for birds

Plants for wild birds

Natural food sources for birds

Bird Friendly Habitats

Hummingbirds in the garden

West Nile Virus Study

Water sources for birds

West Nile Virus


Gardens for butterflys

Butterfly life cycle

Butterfly Plants


Landscaping America planting.html

Landscaping America

Growing Clematis in the Garden

Growing Flowers


Growing Impatiens

Garden Mums


Poinsettia facts and care
Identifying and treating specific lawn problems for America's homeowners

Roses in the garden
Basic rose classifications and types.

Wave Petunia

Ground Covers for the Garden

Hostas in the garden
Tips for including hostas in your landscaped garden.

How to choose new plants for your garden

Landscaping Your Property
Landscape design overview

Depression Gardens

Container Gardening

Formal Garden Styles
Formal garden elements and styles in the American Landscape Garden.

Informal Garden Styles
Informal Garden Styles in the American Landscape.

Barrenwort, Bishops Hat

Bishops Weed

Cinnamon Fern
Growing cinnamon ferns in the home garden.

Creeping Thyme
Using Creeping Thyme as a ground cover.


Flowering Ground Covers
Recommended flowering ground covers


Hosta Cultivation

Propagating Hostas
Identifying and treating specific lawn problems for America's homeowners

Hosta Virus
Hosta virus is spreading across the country

Climbing Roses & Rambler Roses
Caring for climbing and rambling rose bushes

Rose Problems

Small Space Gardens

Clematis Wilt

Propagating Clematis

Small Flowered Clematis

Large Flowered Hybrid Clematis


Knock Out Roses

Winterizing Steps for Roses

Gardening in America

Garden Galleries

5 Easy Grow Vegetables

Landscaping America

Essential elements for a healthy, plant growing soil
Identifying and treating specific lawn problems for America's homeowners

Soil Moist
Water retention polymer for potted container plants.

8 tips for transplanting in the summer
Tips for transplanting in the summer

Inniswood Metro Gardens
Visiting Inniswood Metro Gardens in Central Ohio

Bulb-type plants
Details of spring-blooming bulbs

2005 Top Rose Champions

Rose: About Face

Rose: DayDream

Rose: Elle

Rose: Lady Elsie May

2006 AARS Championship Roses

Rose: Julia Child

Rose: Rainbow Sorbet

Rose: Tahitian Sunset

Rose: Wild Blue Yonder

Transplanting hostas
Hosta transplants

Elizabethan Gardens, Roanoke, North Carolina
Photo essay of Elizabethan Gardens located in Roanoke, North Carolina.

Photographic essay and info about visiting Monticello


Daffodils or Narcissus Flowering Bulbs

Naturalizing Daffodils


Aeration and Aerating A Lawn

Proper Lawn Watering

Thatch Control

Dethatching a lawn


What you should know about lawn fertilization

Fertilizer Myths

Granular Fertilizer

Seaweed lawn fertilizers

Liquid Fertilizers

Manure and Compost Based Fertilizer

Organic Lawn Fertilizers


Grass types by seasonal zones

Cool Season Grasses

Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky 31

Red Fescue

Chewings Fescue

Tall Fescue

Hard Fescue

Fine Fescue

Annual Ryegrass

Perennial Ryegrass

Thermal Blue from Scotts

Titan Turf-type Tall Fescue


Turf-type Tall Fescue

Identifying Warm Season Grasses

Bahia grass

Creeping Bentgrass

Bermuda Grass
Bermuda Grass for southern lawns

Carpet Grass

Buffalo Grass

Centipede Grass

Floratam St. Augustine


Palmetto St. Augustine Grass

Establishing St. Augustine Grass Lawns

Raleigh St. Augustine Grass

St. Augustine Grass

Thermal Blue from Scotts

Zoysia grass

Identifying Transitional Zone Grasses

Kentucky Bluegrass

Perennial Ryegrass

Thermal Blue from Scotts

Turf-type Tall Fescue

Zoysia grass

Botanical names for common turgrasses

Grass Seeds

Understanding Grass Seed Bag Labels

Sod installation and care

Grass Plugs for Establishing a New Lawn

Lawn Sprig Installation

Artificial Lawns

Shade tolerance of common turfgrasses

Removing Zoysia grass from your cool season lawn

The American Lawn Care Industry
Healthy lawn benefits

St. Augustine Decline Virus


Professional Mowing Tips

Good Mowing Tips

Lawn maintenance

Selecting the right lawn mower

Safe mowing tips

Lawn Mower Blade Sharpening

Choosing the right lawn mower


Organic Lawn Care

Switching from conventional to organic lawn care


Compost Q & A
Identifying and treating specific lawn problems for America's homeowners


Professional lawncare services


Reviving lawns that have been neglected

How to handle hard-to-seed spots in the landscape


Over-seeding your lawn

Caring for newly seeded lawns.

Caring for sod

Brand new lawns, when nothing else will do.

Lawn renovation
The process of renovating a lawn.

Repairing damaged lawns

Seeding / Overseeding



Problems with animals

Armadillo in the landscape

Deer in the landscape

Deer resistant landscape plantings

Handling dog urine spots in the lawn

Dog Urine

Using gypsum on the lawn

Geese on the lawn

Removing gophers from the landscape.

Gopher Trapping

Controlling groundhogs or woodchucks from your garden.

When present, moles cause extensive damage to manicured lawns


Coping with squirrel problems

Honey bees

Tick removal directions

Lyme disease

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever


Lawn Diseases

Identifying Lawn Diseases

Lawn Disease Identification Chart

Preventing Lawn Disease

Bacterial Lawn Diseases

Fungal Lawn Diseases

Lawn viruses

Brown Patch Lawn Disease
Brown patch lawn disease.

IDing Brown Patch

Dollar Spot


Fusarium Blight

Gray Leaf Spot

Grease Spot

Hosta Virus
Hosta virus is spreading across the country

Leaf Smut

Leaf Spot

Powdery Mildew

Pythium Blight

Red Thread

Fungal Rust



Summer Patch

Slime Mold

Damping off disease


Landscape Insect Problems

Turf Insects

Ornamental Insects

Monitoring Lawn Insects



Bees, wasps, hornet problems

Bill Bugs




Crane Fly


Earthworm benefits


Fire Ants



Grubs and grub control in lawns

Japanese beetle life cycle including the damaging white grub phase



Harmful Nematodes


Snails / Slugs

Sod Webworms

Sowbugs / Pillbugs


Sod Webworms

Wooly adelgid

Determining insect counts in the lawn

Chemical controls

Biological pest controls

Cultural Pest Controls

Manual pest controls

Merit Grub Control

Western Conifer Seed Bug

Flea Beetles

Gypsy Moths

Plant bugs

European Pine Sawfly

Lace Bugs


Mole Crickets

Lawn Problems

Japanese Beetle Control Techniques

Varonna Mites and Honey Bees

Problem soils cause a host of secondary problems

Asiatic Garden Beetles

Black Turfgrass Beetle



Noxious Weeds

Canadian Thistle

Noxious weeds: Giant Hogweed


Poison Ivy

Handling poison ivy exposure

Poison Oak

Poison Sumac


Problem soils cause a host of secondary problems


Problem soils cause a host of secondary problems

Beneficial Bacteria

Compost and your landscape
Generating and using compost in your landscape

The composting process
Overview of composting

Flagellates, Amoebae, Ciliates

Fungi requirements for healthy plants

pH Levels

Pile composting directions
Building a compost pile

Trench composting directions
Trench composting techniques

Soil temperatures

Soil compaction and aeration

Dethatching a lawn

Drought-proofing your lawn

Flood waters

Applying too much water to your lawn

Controlling thatch in your lawn

Topdressing for your lawn


French Drain Installation


Identifying and Controlling Weeds

Grassy Type Weeds

Annual Bluegrass

Barnyard Grass

Bentgrass / Quackgrass

Bermuda Grass



Fall Panicum


Goosegrass lawn weed




Grass-Like Weeds

Wild Garlic / Onion

Star of Bethlehem

Yellow Nutsedge

Broadleaf Weeds

Buckhorn Plantain

Carolina Geranium



Creeping Beggarweed

Curly Dock




Ground Ivy




White Clover


Wood Sorrel

Edible Weeds

Moss Control in Your Lawn

Reasons for mushrooms in the landscape.

Field Sandbur



Pest Controls

Pre-emergent weed controls

Post Emergent Weed Controls

Integrated Pest Management

Biological pest control

Chemical weed controls

Common and botanical weed names

Mechanical control of weeds

Spot Treating Weeds

Cultural Pest Controls

Corn Gluten Weed Control

Star of Bethlehem

Problem soils cause a host of secondary problems

Photo Weed Guide

Weed Identification


History of the lawn in American culture

Lawn Mower History
mower, history, lawncare, grass, power, United States, mowing, lawnmowers, yard, cut


Why grow grass?
Reasons why we grass makes a good lawn compared to other vegetations.

Top Ten
Top benefits of growing lawn grass.

Lawn Disadvantages
Lawns require a cost in maintenance and time to be grown successfully.

Doing It Yourself
Doing it yourself lawn care.

Lawn of your dreams
Basic steps to a perfect lawn

How grass controls pollen and pollen related allergies.

Pros & Cons
Effective lawn care using professional service providers.

Watering Practices
Healthy practices for a great lawn.

Editorial policy
How to submit a lawn or landscape related article.

Mosquito Control
Controlling mosquitos around the home.


Landscaping Your Property
Landscape design overview

Increasing Curb Appeal

Hardscapes in the landscape add exciting interest and make it more functional.

Naturalized Landscape Options
Naturalized landscapes provide a natural environment for local plants and animals.


Hiring a professional landscaper
Checklist of items to consider when hiring a professional landscaper.

Insuring value added is value gained
Return on your landscape investment

Enjoying the chaos of your garden
Looking for a unifying theme in your landscape

Landscape Pathways

Landscaping Value

Top Ten Landscaping Mistakes



Watering Systems and Watering Tips
Identifying and treating specific lawn problems for America's homeowners



Good soil for your growing environment
Putting your soil into balance

Healthy soils and problem soils
Understanding soil composition and ways to improve your dirt.

Soil Amendments
Soil amendments

Soil Cultivation
Soil cultivation

N - P - K
Identifying N - P - K

What you should know about pH
Understanding the relationship between plant health and pH

Composting process
Overview of composting

Compost Q & A
Identifying and treating specific lawn problems for America's homeowners

Pile composting directions
Building a compost pile

Trench composting directions
Trench composting techniques


H. bacteriophora
Heterorhabditis bacteriophora

S. carpocapsae
Nematode Pest Control

S. riobravis
Beneficial nematodes

S. scapterisci
Nematodes biological pest control


Growing Herbs

Culinary Herbs

Growing Anise
Tips on growing anise.

Bay Leaves
Growing bay leaves in your garden.

Salad Burnet






Lemon Balm


Sweet Marjoram

Peppermint and Spearmint

Greek Oregano





French Sorrel

Sweet Basil

French Tarragon


Lemon Verbena


6 steps to a perfect lawn

Doing It Yourself

Why grow grass?

Lawn Disadvantages

Lawn Benefits

Lawn fertilization

Future Lawns

Synthetic Grass
Synthetic Turf as an alternative to growing grass.

Synthetic Grass

Milky Spore
Milky spore disease -- organic pest control


Integrated Pest Management and organic lawn care

Pesticide Free Lawn Care

Organic Lawn Care Overview

Mulching Mowers

Mulching Fertilization

Balancing pH levels with lime


Lawncare Basics
Healthy lawn benefits

Landscaping America


Identifying Common Landscape Problems

Lawn and Landscape Problems


Site Map


Landscaping America Resources


Growing Irises
Tips for growing irises in your home garden.

Elzibethan Gardens

Elizabethan Gardens

Elizabethan Gardens
Photographic visit to Elizabethan Galleries, Roanoke Island, North Carolina, Manteo, NC.


Inniswood Metro Gardens
Visiting Inniswood Metro Gardens in Central Ohio

Inniswood Gardens


Index of /monticello

Park Of Roses

Columbus Park of Roses

Park of Roses
Photo gallery of the Park of Roses, Whetstone Park, Columbus Ohio.


Floribunda Roses


Index of /monticello/p7gs

P7hg Img 1


Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's Home
Photographic Gallery of Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's Home in Charlottesville, Virginia.


Index of /monticello/p7gs/images