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Nimblewill IllustrationNimblewill is a warm-season perennial weed found throughout North America east of the Rockies. Nimblewill invades cool-season grasses by both seed and stems. It has a shallow root system.

Nimblewill is a perennial that goes off color with cool weather. Where the turf is not fertilized, nimblewill becomes aggressive. Nimblewill is more aggressive in shaded areas. Turf that is mowed low will resist the invasion of nimblewill. Nimblewill is more aggressive in moist rich soil.

Thick sod reduces the opportunity for it to take hold, however, in thin areas, or surrounding garden beds, it can quickly spread into lawn areas. Remove the plants by pulling out by hand. Nimblewill sets seeds in early fall; then lay dormant until next spring.Nimblewill

Once it takes hold there is no selective control for removing it from the lawn. Must use a non-selective herbicide that will kill all plants, then reseed area.

Other common names of this plant are drop-seed and wire-grass.




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