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Western Configer Seed Bug

Western Conifer Seed Bug

The western conifer seedbug was first described in the western United States. This true bug of the family Coreidae feeds mainly on the seeds and developing cones of several species of conifers and their respective hybrids.

This bug has been expanding its range eastward and was first detected in Pennsylvania in July 1992. Today, its range extends across the northern United States into Canada. Recent records from Pennsylvania and several other areas of the northeastern United States suggest that interstate commerce has been a factor in extending the insect’s range.

The western conifer seed bug, which has been seen indoors in western North America, bothers people in homes, offices, and laboratories. In Pennsylvania and other parts of the northeastern United States, this leaf-footed bug becomes a nuisance when it enters homes in search of overwintering sites.


Western Conifer Seed Bug