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MERIT grub control

Grub Prevention:

Grubs in the lawnThe key to keeping grubs from ruining your lawn is to stop them before they invade. Use Bayer Advanced Lawn® Season-Long Grub Control from May to mid-August to help protect your lawn in advance. Carefully follow the easy-to-read directions on the label, making sure the product is watered into your lawn thoroughly. If your lawn is thick with thatch (a layer of decaying grass at the soil line), it will be harder for the insecticide to move into the soil where the grubs are hiding.

Grub Control:

If its too late for prevention and you must rescue a damaged lawn, use Bayer Advanced Lawn 24-hour Grub Control Ready-To-Spread Granules to quickly kill grubs already present. As the summer turns into fall, grubs grow larger and their feedings increase grub damage is usually worse. If you live in a grub-prone region, apply Bayer Advanced Lawn Season-Long Grub Control Ready-To-Spread Granules the next spring to help prevent their reappearance.

Recovering from Grub Damage:

Grub damaged area ready to be reseeded.The best way to prevent serious grub injury to your lawn is to grow strong, healthy grass. If grub damage becomes visible in the fall, remove the damaged grass, remove the grubs, and reseed the lawn. Fall is the best time to repair damaged lawns.