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Future of Lawns in America

Not too long ago, some experts were predicting that the great American lawn would be replaced with Astroturf carpets that would do away with mowing and fertilizing altogether. Today, while some new artificial turfs are replacing Astroturf fields, even more are being replacing with real turfgrasses.

Concerns over the use of pesticides will continue to grow and local movements will continue to expand bans on certain fertilizers from our environments.

Lawns as we know them will shrink in the landscape, being replaced with meadows, prairies and woodland features. New grasses currently under development will become more widely available. These new hybrids will require less maintenance, less fertilizer and no pesticides.

Grass lawns will be used more as accent edging around our naturalized landscape features.

Our turfgrass lawns will continue evolving as they always have. Open green spaces have long been interpreted as areas of safety. A person walking across an open green doesn't have to worry about the wild beast lurking in the shadows ready to pounce on unsuspecting prey. This safety zone will continue to provide our homes with a comfort zone that beckons us to make that step into nature without fear.