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Doing It Yourself

DIY means you like to work outdoors on a regular basis–all summer long

Some people just like to get their hands dirty. Owning property is a guarantee that you'll get your hands dirty, usually on more than one day during a typical "homeowners" week.

Having a healthy, great looking lawn, is a combination of important factors that effect the success of your lawn.

Homeowners need to maintain their lawn, including keeping it mown at the proper height, edges trimmed occasionally, and keeping it watered when there's not enough rain. Taking care of weeds as they occur is another chore. Left alone for any period of time and weeds begin multiplying faster than any normal homeowner can keep up with.

Mother Nature also needs to cooperate.

Problems start popping up when rain doesn't fall and temperatures rise above normal ranges or fall below normal lows in the South.

Besides the natural elements found in the soil, which become depleted over the years, additional sources of nutrients and trace elements need to be added to a lawn's soil to keep a lawn healthy and disease free. This requires regular, well-balanced applications of fertilizer and trace elements designed to fit the needs of your lawn.

Unless a homeowner has a lot of experience at identifying underlying lawn problems, they will need to have a soil analysis made to determine what's in their soil and what's not. Once the soil analysis is made, it can be determined which minerals are missing and steps can be taken to remedy the situation.

Regular aeration

In the fall, in cooler geographic areas, an aeration treatment should be made. Other than regular fertilizer applications, this is the one treatment that helps ensure your lawn continues on its road to a great lawn. Spring is the better time for aeration treatments in warm weather climates.

Ease your load and get it done right

A homeowner has a lot of things to do, especially during the summer months. Hiring out a part of that work makes sense. Hiring a professional lawn care company makes even more sense.

A professional lawn care company monitors your lawn to ensure your lawn gets the proper applications of fertilizers and weed controls, at the right time for your area. They can identify lawn diseases plus harmful insect infestations, and treat them before they become major problems.

Hiring a professional doesn't alleviate the homeowner from all the dirty work. The lawn still needs mowed and watered when needed. Plus, all those lovely flowers need to be planted and cared for.