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S. scapterisci

Steinernema scapterisci: The only entomopathogenic nematode to be used in a classical biological control program, S. scapterisci was isolated from Uruguay and first released in Florida in 1985 to suppress an introduced pest, mole crickets.

The nematode become established and presently contributes to control. Steinernema scapterisci is highly specific to adult mole crickets. Its ambusher approach to finding insects is ideally suited to the turfgrass tunneling habits of its host.

Commercially available since 1993, this nematode is also sold as a biological insecticide, where its excellent ability to persist and provide long-term control contributes to overall efficacy. Availability is severely restricted due to the small market niche this nematode occupies. This is aggravated by the specificity of this nematode for a host that is very difficult to rear, precluding in vivo production.