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Thermal Blue Kentucky Bluegrass info.

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Heat tolerant bluegrass

Thermal Blue

Scotts recently introduced a new bluegrass variety that thrives even south of the transition zone. It's called Thermal Blue.

Thermal Blue combines the heat tolerance of turf-type tall fescue with the exceptional turf qualities of Kentucky Bluegrass.

Not only does Thermal Blue stand up to heat extremely well, it shows outstanding shade hardiness, particularly in the South.

Thermal Blue vs Tall Fescue

Thermal Blue is is resistant to brown patch and other diseases, and its aggressive rhizome development gives it remarkable wear tolerance.

With a fine leave texture and four-season color in the southern regions, the grass produces a beautiful appearance as good or better than any other warm-season variety.

Where to Use

  • Northern and Southern lawns that receive full sun to light shade

  • Can be grown as far south as Atlanta and Dallas

  • Requires 4-10 hours of sunlight per day

When to Apply

Spring and Fall are the best times to plant grass seed because the seed germinates when temperatures are between 60°F - 80°F.

Thermal Blue Blaze

Thermal Blue Blaze has outstanding, dark green genetic color, with uniform medium texture leaves. With superior shade tolerance and excellent drought recovery, Thermal Blue Blaze adds better recovery and increased disease resistance to your turf.

Dura Blue

Dura Blue has deep, dark green genetic color and medium to fine texture leaves. It is an excellent selection for blending with other heat tolerant bluegrasses, improving vitality in tall fescue mixes, and enhancing color and tolerance in cool season blends.