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Raleigh St. Augustine Lawn Grass.


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Raleigh St. Augustine Grass

Raleigh St. Augustine Grass

Raleigh grass is a cold-hardy cultivar released by North Carolina State University in 1980. It was well received by sod growers throughout the southeast, but, unfortunately, little university research has been done to date on this cultivar. It is often described as highly tolerant of shade, drought, and cold, but no impartial evidence of these claims exists at this time.

Raleigh grass does exhibit a shorter growth habit, similar to Jade, Delmar, and Seville . It has a medium green color with a coarse texture. It is susceptible to chinch bugs, but can be planted in northern Florida due to its tolerance to lower temperatures. Raleigh is also susceptible to brown patch disease.

During peak summertime heat, Raleigh grass has been noted to yellow and to not grow as aggressively as during cooler temperatures. Supplemental iron applications can reduce this yellowing tendency. Raleigh grass is best adapted to the heavier, organic, clay soils with medium to low soil pH in central and north Florida.