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Large flowered hybrid clematis

  • Barbara Jackman 8' in height, flowers May-June. Vigorous, bushy plant. Flowers are 4" in diameter, deep purplish-blue with bright magenta bar and large, creamy-yellow stamens. Fades to mauve-blue. Group B pruning.

  • Comtesse de Bouchard 6' - 8' in height, flowers July-August. Easy to grow, prolific bloomer; a good plant for smaller spaces. Flowers are 4" - 6" in diameter, pink with creamy stamens. Group C pruning.

  • Hagley Hybrid 8' in height, flowers June-September. Flowers are 4" in diameter, pale mauve pink, fading to a washed out pink. Stamen filaments are white and anthers purple-red. Vigorous grower. Group B/C pruning.

  • C. x jackmanii 8' - 10' in height, blooms July-August. Flowers are 4" - 5" in diameter and deep bluish-purple. Free flowering. Group B pruning.

  • Marie Boisselot 8' - 12' in height, flowers June-September. Opening flower buds are flushed with lilac-pink, flowers are 8" in diameter, white with creamy stamens. Strong grower. Group B pruning.

  • Mrs. Cholmondeley 20' in height, flowers May-October. Almost a foolproof plant. Blooms are light lavender blue, paler along the midrib, filaments white and anthers brown. Group B/C pruning.

  • Nelly Moser 8' - 10' in height, flowers May-June and September. Flowers are 8" in diameter, pale rosy mauve with a central carmine colored midrib; dark maroon anthers. Flowers will fade badly in full sun; provide some shade for this plant. Group B pruning.

  • Niobe 8' in height, flowers June-September. Cup shaped bloom opens dark ruby-red then turns to bright ruby red with cream stamen. First flowers are 6" in diameter, later ones 4" in diameter. Moderate grower with some bloom throughout the season. Group B/C pruning.

  • Perle d'Azur 16' in height. Flowers continuously early summer to mid-autumn. Blooms are 4" - 6" in diameter, sky blue with green stamens. Group B pruning.

  • Vyvyan Pennell 8' in height. Flowers June and September. Flowers are 6" - 8" in diameter, double at first, single later. Deep violet-blue blooms suffused with purple-red; golden stamens. Described by the people who introduced it as the best double clematis yet produced. Group B pruning.