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Frequently asked questions

Below is a list of a few of the most frequently asked questions and my responses to them. A word of warning: this advice may or may not apply to your particular situation and environment. There's a common adage that goes "you get what you pay for!" which could well apply to the advice given here. I always defer to the professional lawn care providers in your particular geographic area and recommend that you contact them. They are not only familiar with just about every lawn care problem peculiar to your area but have also probably treated it already. Not only are they very knowledgeable, but they're also just great guys. Call one up and see for yourself. Take one out to lunch. Learn to love your lawn care pro and he'll certainly love your lawn. Sorry, I got carried away.

Top Topics (click on the question for the response)

Dead spots in the yard caused by your dog.

I've got too many worms in my lawn, how can I get rid of them?

Can you apply crabgrass granulars after a rain?

How to get rid of my gophers?

How do you get rid of Zoysia grass?

I don't seem to be able to get my lawn to look good, no mater what I do. I've been doing it myself for the last three years and it still looks like crap. What do you suggest?

How to solve a hard packed clay soil

I've got creepers in my St. Augustine grass. Do I need to worry?

Fixing brown patches in St. Augustine

Diagnosis: Leptosphaerulina leaf blight. What can I do?

How often and when should I water my lawn?

How do I get rid of large maple roots in my lawn?

Can I aerate my St. Augustine lawn?

Which aeration equipment should you use?

Can I mix tall fescue with my Bermuda?

My lawn is 2 1/2 yrs. old. The original owners did nothing to this lawn. There are large clumps of grass included in the turf. Also a couple of dead bare spots. What is a good starting point with my Kentucky lawn?

Now that spring is coming, what is the timing and sequence of killing weeds and fertilizing?