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Top 10 reasons for growing grass

#10 Grass gives you some place to put your feet when you walk out the back door.

#9 A lawn covers up all that brown stuff underneath it.

#8 Grass gives you a reason to fire up your lawn mower every week without causing a wayward glance from your neighbors.

#7 No need to go elsewhere to get grass stains on your knees.

#6 Grass smells so good when you cut it.

#5 A lawn gives weeds a nice place to stand out and be recognized.

#4 What else could you spend your money without getting the wrong size or color?

#3 Grass is so much better for your dog to take care of business on than your living room carpet.

#2 Your back lawn is probably the closest your kids will ever get to playing at Wimbledon.

#1 Lawns just look pretty.